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NDIS Software

Brevity NDIS Software is an organisation wide platform for disability service organisations

Built with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in mind, Brevity NDIS Software provides Australian Disability Service Providers the right tools to manage client services under the NDIS.

During the design process, we worked with providers just like you to address their biggest pain points and to create a suite of tools that easily integrated into their workflow.

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NDIS and the Client

NDIS is a new way to care for some of the most vulnerable Australians. NDIS will provide 460,000 people under the age of 65 with the support they need to live a meaningful and ordinary life. Unlike older efforts, NDIS focuses on the lifetime of individuals. This means investing in people with a disability early on to improve their outcomes later in life. 

NDIS isn’t just about the people with disabilities. It is also about helping friends and families who care for, and support individuals with disabilities. NDIS is about making life better for disabled Australians by making sure they have easy access to the programs, healthcare, and services they need to enjoy a high quality of life.

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NDIS and Disability Service Providers

NDIS is a way to make sure that Australians can choose the service providers they want. Qualifying individuals and families will be able to have NDIS cover certain services, depending on the level of services needed. 

NDIS will make payments for services to qualifying disability service providers that disabled individuals, or their authorised legal representatives, contract with. 

NDIS understands that in order to enjoy a high quality of life, people living with a disability need access to services that allow them the dignity of independent living and the freedom to enjoy life with the friends and family.

About Brevity Care Software

Brevity Care Software and NDIS

We understand that NDIS represents a big change in the way that disability service providers have traditionally operated.  

We work hard to make it easy for organisations to adapt to the NDIS changes. We have designed Brevity Care Software from the ground up with NDIS and the business needs of disability service organisations like yours in mind. 

Our customers are able to start dealing with NDIS clients immediately without missing a beat.

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We set out to develop the most powerful, and easiest to use NDIS software specifically for organisations like yours.

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